Phenoix-Vegas Excursion

Phoenix was fun. Laboss, Mardigan, and I, packed a lot in for just a 3 night excursion.

Thursday night was a big Texas Holdem tournament with a dozen or so strangers. It was a “just-for-fun” poker game, our chips weren’t backed by actual money or anything– kind of like the Canadian Dollar.

The Road Trip:
Friday morning, the three of us got up very early (11am), and went to Vegas, which is only a 6 hour drive from Phoenix. An interesting road trip to say the least.

In Las Vegas, we stayed at the Hilton, because it was a Star Trek themed hotel (we’re all geeks). The city was very interesting: glitzy and scintillating on the surface, but shallow and depressing up close. But Star Trek: The Experience on the other hand, was quite amazing. Dinner was at Quark’s Bar.

Saturday at Vegas:
Mardigan and I spent the morning hunting for a place to have breakfast. I couldn’t help but notice people already hitting the bottles, and this while pulling on slot machines and steadily losing their savings, quarter by quarter, and all without betraying the slightest hint of having fun.

When we got back to Phoenix, we visited Dave and played Halo 2 till about midnight– an awful lot of fun. Later that night, Mardigan and I wrestled in front of a large group of hippies at ASU at 2 in the morning– I was egged on.

Well, that’s the trip in a nutshell. Overall, it was very fun and I’m glad I went.

3 thoughts on “Phenoix-Vegas Excursion”

  1. Unbelievable. A trip to Phoenix and also a stopover in Sin City and the highlights of the trip are a star trek themed hotel and late-night Halo 2 battles. Is it just me or does anyone else see anything wrong with this? My friend Derick lives in his technology bubble and is satisfied to let physical pleasures pass him by in favor of victories over 10 year-olds playing X-box live in Nebraska. I have tried to rectify his social ineptness throughout the years but I usually have given up in frustration over a lack of commitment by my student. While I have resigned myself to the fact that Derick himself will never be a social demon, I do believe hope still lies in the electronic world. Beside his family, Derick is only comfortable with the RAM and Gigahertz of his local desktop or the stun gun of his Captain Kirk action figure. Take Derick, a six-pack of Corona and his Captain Kirk doll and place all these items in front of his computer. Now make him visit an internet dating service like e-harmony and away we go. Soon, before you know it he is in his element matched up with a fellow female trekie chatting away without the constraints or fear of face to face contact. Over time, his confidence grows, phone conversations ensue, and she is a major topic on They meet at the local star trek convention and their love kicks into warp speed. This could happen… do you believe?

  2. Okay people, the Comment Section is not a forum to make fun of the author.

    Although this is probably one of the best written comments on my website, it’s not without its own typical comment inaccuracies and comment exagerations. Firstly, Rai, you know, and I know, I don’t own a Captain Kirk Action figure (or “doll” as you later affectionately call it). I have never been a TOS fan; I’m mostly a DS9 and Next Gen kind of guy. Secondly–and another fact you already know–I can’t play Xbox Live; my modded Xbox is strictly banned on Live, so all my Halo 2 multiplayer-gaming-needs are satisfied only by 4 controllers and a twice partitioned TV screen. And thirdly, I don’t drink Coronas.

    As for the rest… yeeeah, no comment.

  3. That’s right! Derick’s not that bad! (He does have a man crush on Patrick Stewart but thats a whole other story.)

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