The 11th Hour

The following takes place between 11 pm and 11:15 pm

My roommate is watching that show 24; he bought one of the seasons on DVD. I’m sitting in my room so I can’t see the TV from here, but I can hear it way too clearly. And you know, the show sounds so corny and melodramatic, and just plain bad, when your hearing only the audio.

The following takes place between 11:30 pm and 12 am

So, the two of us are leaving for a flight to Arizona tomorrow morning–early morning. We’re going to visit a mutual friend, Mardigan (who’s a tool).

The following takes place between 12 am and 1:15 am

We have to wait till 12:01 to print-out the Southwest boarding passes. Sigh, Southwest, “where every seat is cattle-class.”

The following takes place between 1:15 am and 1:30 am

Okay time to bed. Off to Arizona in the AM. Will take plenty of pictures! Goodnight.

The following takes place after 1:30am

A thought: someone shoot the man that put 24 on DVD.

2 thoughts on “The 11th Hour”

  1. The following actually took place @ 12:15am… I made fun of derick, and he went to bed while mumbling how he’d goten me good on his website. So just to set the record straight, he was snoring by 1230.


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