A few of Derick’s readers seem to be prodding me to get my own blog…. To that I ask, who would want to read anything from a Phys. Ed. guy? In fact, I thought the words “read” and “Phys. Ed.” couldn’t go in the same sentence. I digress.

I was checking out the current Apparently I sell: Quit Smoking Products, Adult Products, Promotional Gifts, Clocks and Watches, Mobile PDA Accessories, and Shower Panels. What a ridiculous array of things to clump together and throw on the internet. This led me to beg the question “Is everything branded with the name ‘LaBoss’ so sporadic and ludicrous?” I mean here I am, a Jock / Super Trekkie who lives with a dude that thoroughly enjoys “Sex in the City” (perhaps Derick will no longer be letting me post on his sight after that slip). is under renovation. does not exist. It seems that currently I am the only one using the display name “LaBoss” on myspace, though I could have sworn a few months ago there were ten. Per haps all the LaBosses are going extinct. Or maybe it’s that the words “Phys. Ed.” and “write” can’t go in the same sentence.

Trials and Tribulations

No, this is not a DS9 episode. In fact, this is not even Derick. This is LaBoss. Muahahahahaha! I am here to tell you all to back off my housemate. Many people are like “Why haven’t you written?” and “It’s been 2069 days since you wrote a post” and “Do you cyber?” (o.k., not so much the last one, but you get the point.) Anyway, I have taken it upon myself to let you all know that all this pressure stresses out our poor friend. He is an artist. You can’t force art. You have to just let it flow.

These days Derick’s life is rather overwhelming. He is living with me for one. He is a state worker who has the highest paying job of all of our friends. He is going back to school for a degree that he doesn’t need and today he spent the entire day slaving away at the books that lay under his pillow (he slept till 10:30 am, took a “nap” from 3:00pm to 10:00pm, and will be going back for more after he brushes his teeth).

A few minutes ago he took his laptop out of the refrigerator (don’t ask), jumped on the internet and opened up his webpage. Then he screamed, “I can’t take it any more.” The pressure that has mounted is just too great for him to handle. It would be too much for any man. Leave him alone. I am sure that once his writer’s block subsides the internet will be filled to capacity with brilliant ideas and whimsical anecdotes. In the meantime, jump on myspace and read a bulletin posting or two or take a quiz. Because that is about as equally as life fulfilling as writing harassing emails picking on My Little Lankie.

Flirting with the Yellow Line

Guest Blogist: Joyce Satgunam

For the past week I have experienced the fast-paced life of NYC. Financial consultants, brokers, lawyers, and other city workers rush to the subway to make it to work on time. I have an idea….why don’t they leave their apartments 10 minutes earlier? Just a thought.

They all arrive at the subway station and if they’re lucky wait for the subway to arrive. If you’ve taken the subway, you know about the 2-foot wide yellow line bordering the waiting area. The purpose of this line is to warn people to keep their distance from a moving train. Why when there is so much room to wait for the subway do people feel the need to stand in this caution area? Do they have some need to flirt with danger because of the high stress in their life?

Today I was taking the subway and noticed several people flirting with the yellow line. Some looked as if they were doing the hokey-pokey with one foot in the area and one foot out. Others would walk along the yellow line as if it were a pier and the surrounding area the deep, blue ocean while others would waver between being completely on the line and in the regular waiting area. There was even one guy I saw who walked up to the very edge of the yellow line and peered over into the tracks. It seemed that a simple startle would have made him fall into the track pit.

What the significance of all this is, I don’t have a clue, but something tells me that some people get some kind of satisfaction by flirting with the yellow line.

Insidious Boardgames

Guest Blogist: Roshani Ariyam

You may be wondering, “Am I reading this title right”? insidious and boardgame on the same line? Aren’t board games just a fun piece of recreation among family and friends an interactive way of sharing the warmth of each others company? Well, it is quite the contrary with my family. Oh by the way, this is Derick’s sister Roshani, guest-blogging for today. I am honored Derick!

So here I go. It is has come to my understanding, through some keen covert observation this year at the annual Christmas gathering, that boardgames bring out the worst in people, especially family.

Take for example the innocuous game of Monopoly. One would think, ahh a classic family game filed with mindless hours of convivial fun and laughter. However, this description of Monopoly, especially with our family, is best left on the back of the box, in all its euphemistic glory. In reality it is quite the contrary; the game has become taboo (no pun intended)–its mention is forbidden. Who would have thought cousins seemingly noble benign souls, were actually viscous loan sharks and cutthroat business moguls in heart with bribing tactics that would make Enron execs look like Alan Shawn Feinstein (yes Gloria, I know I still owe you a years rent for Park Place). Regardless, it’s quite amazing; the gross mutation that a simple boardgame can do to an individual. Moving on to Poker this was top on this year’s list of fun games to play at family gatherings. Pc games are really fun to and there are multiplayer games on it. Get a computer with a good motherboard, so your gaming experience is the best it can be. Shall I spit out the word umm..fascist tyrant. The way people start getting so serious about this game is almost comical. Let me put this into context for you, it was Texas Holdem, just chips, no money involved. However, we had this one cousin, who for some unfair reason, banked a lot of chips on one game, refused to share the wealth, and decided to up the ante during every round, trying to eliminate players as quickly as possible. Why do you want to produce such feeling of unhealthy competition on such a joyous occasion? Is there an award for Best Board Game Board player� that I am unaware of Regardless this is an observation that I thought I would write down. I’m sure you can all relate.

Thanks for letting me rant on about nothing.


Star Trek Sucks!

Guest Blogist: Chris Simpkins

For the final guest blog of the week, Derick and I have agreed on a topic which we’ve discussed many times before. As you may or may not know, Derick recently found his inner Trekkie (just when you think you know someone… *sigh*). But at one time, he and I held a similar opinion of Star Trek: it sucks.

When I find Star Trek while flipping through the TV channels and I see a dog faced alien with horns coming out of his head, I can’t help but cringe. And I guarantee that after Derick reads that last sentence he starts thinking to himself, “what is he talking about… there aren’t any dog faced aliens with horns… he probably means [insert obscure race name here]… ignorant fool.” But that’s what I see when I look at Star Trek. A bunch of people wearing bad costumes, using corny voices in made up languages to make themselves appear alien. I’m pretty sure that if we ever do find aliens, they’re not going to look like us with bumps on their heads (even if we all did come from the Progenitors).

A few months ago, I promised Derick that I would watch one episode with an open mind. He presented me with what he considered to be the episode that best demonstrated character development in Star Trek along with Embroidered Polo Shirts Brighton. I still haven’t watched it. I’ve put it in a few times, but I just can’t bring myself to watch it. I can’t help but feel like I’m not only going to waste 40 minutes of my life, but actually be negatively impacted by watching the episode. Star Trek makes me angry!

The Treknobabble… it exists for no reason other than to convey a sense of high techiness and fill time. It’s an insult to the viewer, in my opinion.

It probably doesn’t help that I have a disdain for science fiction in general. Maybe it’s because sci-fi is mostly a derivative of the action genre, and the majority of TV shows and movies in the action genre suck. Doubly so when they take themselves too seriously.

I’d like to appreciate the good parts of Star Trek (and I’m sure there are some), but I simply can’t stomach the fakeness/cornyness of it all. The show’s budget limitations leave realism to be desired. I will say one positive thing about Star Trek: I respect the some of the real theories behind the science. Other than that… two thumbs down and kick to the toilet! Star Trek sucks!

With that, I’d like to thank Derick for allowing me to post on his blog all week. If you’ve enjoyed my posts, you can find more at my website, Thanks for reading!


Election Over, November 3rd?

Guest Blogist: Chris Simpkins

6 – number of days until the general election
270 – number of electoral votes needed to win
– number of lies told by Bush in the past four years
3 – sequentially ordered number of this guest blog entry

Todays question, posed by Derick, is “Will this election be over on November 3rd?”

While I’d like to say ‘yes’, the teachings of 2000 tell me ‘probably not’. In the great spirit of America, both sides have lawyers at the ready (maybe I should say ALL sides, since I somewhat expect Nader to declare himself the righteous winner after a post-election tirade about the illegal, discriminatory two-party system). Both John Kerry and George Bush are ready to challenge whatever results come out of this election.

The ‘experts’ predict a close race. I think if the race actually is close, say within 2%, then we will see another drawn out period of legal battles (think Lord of the Rings, only in court). Last time, it took until December 13 for Gore to finally concede the election. And we only had problems in one state! This time, multiple states are already facing legal challenges regarding election practices… and the election hasn’t even begun.

If the race is outside 2%, I think we can expect a quicker official declaration of the winner. Although, I’m pretty sure if Bush wins by any margin greater than 2% the Democrats will have a hard time believing the election was legit.

Whichever way things go, there will be huge emotional upset for one side. Honestly, I’m worried about this country’s short-term stability after November 2nd.

As an added bonus, check out these real people making the switch from Bush 2000 to Kerry 2004

Bias in the Media

Guest Blogist: Chris Simpkins

Hello again. Chris here for the second installment of guest-blogorama. Today’s topic, chosen by me, is Bias in the Media.

Since I started paying attention to what’s going on in this country a few years ago, I noticed that the distinguishing line between news and entertainment has become so blurry that it’s nearly impossible to see.

Talk radio (yes, the shows on those fuzzy AM frequencies) is a good example. The two main AM competitors in Rhode Island both feature taglines promoting themselves as news stations:

“news talk radio” – 920 WHJJ
“news radio” – 630 WPRO

Yet the majority of their programming lineups feature unquestionably partisan commentary on the news. Sure, they have special ‘news jockeys’ come on for five minutes every hour and spout off the AP’s headlines. But how can they, in good faith, call themselves news stations when 92% of the air-time is dedicated to commentary and advertising? One might make the argument that “news talk radio” means talk radio about the news… but the real problem is hidden further below the surface.

Take Fox News, for example. They have personalities who come out and present the news during the week and then host partisan talk shows on the weekends. Fox will often cut from news segments directly to commentary about the news. And as Fox’s ratings go up-up-up, other stations have begun to adopt similar strategies.

People are more trustful of news coming from someone with whom they agree. Which is why Fox has done so well. People see anchors who clearly express their opinions on the issues. And when people agree with those opinions they are more likely to trust those anchors as valid news sources. Fox continually beats out the other news stations in ratings because their viewers trust them. And what is that trust based on? An agreement of opinions. It’s sneaky… and it works.

For specific examples of bias: Media Matters for America
For a beer drinking robot: The Bar Bot

A Critical Election

Guest Blogist: Chris Simpkins

Hello loyalists. This is Chris from You might remember me from such events as Halloween 2002 or as “the guy who used to live at Greenhill before Derick.” As previously mentioned, Derick and I are guests on each other’s blogs for the week. The topic chosen (by Derick) for today’s guest blog was “Why is the outcome of this election so critical?”

After thinking about it for a while, I began to realize that everything I came up with was very partisan. I thought of countless things George Bush has done that I simply disagree with. And then I realized what the real problem was.

The country has not been so divided in a looooong time. For many years democrats and republicans disagreed on the issues, but they always found some common ground. Today, I fear our country is no longer trying, or able, to find that common ground. This administration has turned a blind eye to anyone with a viewpoint differing from it’s own.

And who was to stop them? The republicans have control of the House, Senate, and White House (and arguably, the Supreme Court). What ever happened to checks and balances?

Only bad things can come from a situation like that… and only bad things have. This country has been taken down a dark path. I worry that November 2nd may be the only chance we have to get back on track before it’s too late.

And while I’d like to launch into a condemnation of nearly everything that’s taken place over the last 4 years, I’ll end it here instead.