A few of Derick’s readers seem to be prodding me to get my own blog…. To that I ask, who would want to read anything from a Phys. Ed. guy? In fact, I thought the words “read” and “Phys. Ed.” couldn’t go in the same sentence. I digress.

I was checking out the current Apparently I sell: Quit Smoking Products, Adult Products, Promotional Gifts, Clocks and Watches, Mobile PDA Accessories, and Shower Panels. What a ridiculous array of things to clump together and throw on the internet. This led me to beg the question “Is everything branded with the name ‘LaBoss’ so sporadic and ludicrous?” I mean here I am, a Jock / Super Trekkie who lives with a dude that thoroughly enjoys “Sex in the City” (perhaps Derick will no longer be letting me post on his sight after that slip). is under renovation. does not exist. It seems that currently I am the only one using the display name “LaBoss” on myspace, though I could have sworn a few months ago there were ten. Per haps all the LaBosses are going extinct. Or maybe it’s that the words “Phys. Ed.” and “write” can’t go in the same sentence.

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  1. Derick watches sex in the city.
    Excellent. Excellent. Muwahahahahaha!

    ( under renovations by whom, you?)

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