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How to Backup MySQL and FTP Scripting with PowerShell

I’m a .NET developer, not a system admin. As such, I never properly learned how to write anything aside from “echo” this, “dir” that, and “ipconfig -toomuchinfo” to a command window. But now, since I manage my own server on … Continue reading

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The CFP List:

As a professional in literature, you are constantly on the prowl to present at conferences. So, as you can imagine, grad students are strongly encouraged to attend and submit papers to conferences whenever possible. “Real” conferences, to me, are super … Continue reading

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iPod Touch. tap…tap…tap

Alright, I caved. I bought a new iPod touch. Now I’m sitting next to my laptop (but I’m not on my laptop), tethered by a stylish white USB cable, and tapping away at a 2 inch keyboard with my right … Continue reading

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Old Technologuy

I’m Asian, dorky, and male. All those things combined might suggest that I would want an Iphone. However, truth be told, I do not. I don’t know when or why, but I’ve lost all interest in new technology. I was … Continue reading

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ISBN-10 to ISBN-13 Converter Tool

I work with a lot of textbook inventories at work, and we had a recent issue with the new ISBN13 standard. The internet had no really good tools out there so I created my own little one. Unfortunately, it is … Continue reading

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Max OSX on x86 PCs

Who said you need a Mac to run Mac OSX? I was able to install Mac OSX Panther on top of Windows XP the other day using an amazing little tool called PearPC. It’s not really a “tool” per se … Continue reading

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Spam Woes

Spam–the mosquitoes of the Internet. Since I planted my new site on some fresh soil, it has become almost a part-time job for me to try and contain the build-up of Spam from overrunning my site. Every new comment, that … Continue reading

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Evil Spyware

One day I was looking for naked pictures of former attorney general Janet Reno on Google, and I clicked on this link that seemed promising. Lo and behold, about 20 windows started to pop-up, one after another. I’d close one, … Continue reading

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Spamming the Spammers

We all hate those pathetic internet scammers. Have you got the one about inheritance money in Nigeria? Anyway, Andreas, a friend of mine from my csc436 class pointed out this neat website run by a group called Artists against 419’ers, … Continue reading

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A preponderance of useless icons on top a black conformist background–i’d have it no other way. Does your desktop look as disgusting as mine? Send me a screenshot!

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