iPod Touch. tap…tap…tap

Alright, I caved. I bought a new iPod touch. Now I’m sitting next to my laptop (but I’m not on my laptop), tethered by a stylish white USB cable, and tapping away at a 2 inch keyboard with my right index figure and writing a post. I imagine I most look something like Sloth from the Goonies over here, straining over this tiny dainty device, trying with marginal sucess at limiting my large simian, awkward fingers, from not mashing more than one key at once. It may take me 8 minutes or so to tap-out a complete sentence, but I will have to admit, I feel rather suave and 2.0 doing it. I just need a pair of black frame glasses, a cup of starbucks nonfat soy milk latte, and a black ribbed crew shirt to make the transformation official.

More literally speaking, I actually did purchase the 2.0 software upgrade which enables the installing of little 3rd party apps. I got the WordPress one (which is one of the few free ones) and so far it’s working great!

Well, Sloth is starting to get a little ancy doing all this finger taping, so I’m just going to turn in, for now.

4 thoughts on “iPod Touch. tap…tap…tap”

  1. Really? I thought that was pretty funny. In fact, you may have even helped me form that image.

    (on his iPod)

  2. Funny enough, I actually read your post and wrote this comment on my iPhone 3g. Ahh the interwebs. 🙂

  3. *blush*blush* but for the record I would never be caught dead walking around with a Starbucks anything!

    I am very envious of your new acquisition and if I hadn’t recently dropped an obscene amount of cash on my current cellphone I most likely would’ve quickly followed suit.

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