Max OSX on x86 PCs

Who said you need a Mac to run Mac OSX?

Mac OS X on my Windows PC

I was able to install Mac OSX Panther on top of Windows XP the other day using an amazing little tool called PearPC. It’s not really a “tool” per se (Mardigan’s a tool) it’s more of an emulator that mimics the PowerPC ISA on an Intel machine. And, as an obvious consequence, running Mac OS X this way is pretty slow– but still usable.

10 thoughts on “Max OSX on x86 PCs”

  1. well in another year apple is switcing back to intel processors … and supposedley ever since they made OSx they have created a version that runs on x86 …… shifty apple 😉

  2. Do you think Bill will be happy or sad about this? ahh..poor little bill. Once day the world will stop revolving around him…and where will the little man be…out in the streets, busking with a banjo.

  3. The Guy who said pear pc dosnt work is a noob. he tried to use Pear PC without actually having the Panther OSX disc ISO. what a ***** noob. i hate it when people say somthing dosnt work when it does just because they dont how to use it.

  4. tom the guy who said it didnt work would be correct if he was running an x64 based pc.

    do your homework before critisizing other people and there comments.

  5. That is correct and it is actually possible to run Mac OSX native on Intel and AMD (via patch) based machines.

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