Old Technologuy

I’m Asian, dorky, and male. All those things combined might suggest that I would want an Iphone. However, truth be told, I do not.

I don’t know when or why, but I’ve lost all interest in new technology. I was sad when Firefox automatically updated me to the latest version of their browser. I was disappointed when Microsoft finally released Windows Vista, and all its 6 different flavors—each equally indecipherable from the next: Windows Vista Home Media Version, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Poor-man’s edition, Windows Vista Poor-man’s edition Professional.

Is this the first road sign to Geezerville? Am I really only a few miles away?’

When and how did Myspace lose my interest, and gain my scorn? When did the Internet seem so prosaic? Haven’t I seen this site before? Haven’t I read this commentary already? Or at least a dozen like them? Why should I upload my photo’s to this site? Do I really want the whole world seeing them, does the world even care? Oh look a dancing baby, now isn’t that stupid. Forward this to 15 friends? I don’t HAVE 15 friends! Or at least I wont anymore if I forward this to them. And forward this back to the sender to confirm that we are indeed friends. Are you kidding me?

Give me a newspaper any day. I don’t care if the providence journal is free online. “Ahead of TIME: read it online before it comes in the mail”. Clever email title, but no thank you. I’ll wait.

You mean I can change my policy on the website? Wait, does this mean you’re not going to do it over the phone? Hello? Do I have to press “1” for you to keep listening?

… hello ?

(dial-tone …)