Trials and Tribulations

No, this is not a DS9 episode. In fact, this is not even Derick. This is LaBoss. Muahahahahaha! I am here to tell you all to back off my housemate. Many people are like “Why haven’t you written?” and “It’s been 2069 days since you wrote a post” and “Do you cyber?” (o.k., not so much the last one, but you get the point.) Anyway, I have taken it upon myself to let you all know that all this pressure stresses out our poor friend. He is an artist. You can’t force art. You have to just let it flow.

These days Derick’s life is rather overwhelming. He is living with me for one. He is a state worker who has the highest paying job of all of our friends. He is going back to school for a degree that he doesn’t need and today he spent the entire day slaving away at the books that lay under his pillow (he slept till 10:30 am, took a “nap” from 3:00pm to 10:00pm, and will be going back for more after he brushes his teeth).

A few minutes ago he took his laptop out of the refrigerator (don’t ask), jumped on the internet and opened up his webpage. Then he screamed, “I can’t take it any more.” The pressure that has mounted is just too great for him to handle. It would be too much for any man. Leave him alone. I am sure that once his writer’s block subsides the internet will be filled to capacity with brilliant ideas and whimsical anecdotes. In the meantime, jump on myspace and read a bulletin posting or two or take a quiz. Because that is about as equally as life fulfilling as writing harassing emails picking on My Little Lankie.

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