Here’s My Website


It’s Derick here this time.

I know, I know, It’s been quite the hiatus, and after reviewing my roommate’s last two posts I’ve consequently rescinded his authorship privileges on account of one (1) libelous remark regarding “sex and the city”.

Any case, I’m starting to get the reins back on my life, meaning: I’ve been in a complete lazy-rut for about 4 months now. Actually, lazy is too harsh; I have been taking classes (showing up for most of them) and working pretty much around 50-60 or so hours a week. But then again, those are excuses, and I know you don’t care either about the excuses or the minutiae that is my life– fair enough, I’d feel the same way on the other end too.

For Mardigan, Laboss, and Mills, who actually still read my website, I assure you, I’m going to start posting things on my blog a little more frequently. We need to get Laboss his own blog. And eventually resurrect from…somewhere. Remember, in it’s heyday, with the oh-so slick animated construction worker, with the banner reading “under construction”. It kind-of reminded me of Boston. But then again, Boston was eventually finished.

As for my website in a whole, I’m still a little behind on maintenance:

  • I need to update to the latest WordPress.
  • Hopefully figure out a way to thwart these spam-bots from commenting up my website.
  • I got a new hosting provider, which i need to eventually switch to. Benefits? Asp.Net / Sql Server –means nothing i know to everyone (aside from Mills). But with my new host, I’ll be able to actually publish my own .Net web-apps to something aside from my local network–again another empty sentence (to everyone aside from mills)

I’ve been doing a lot programming-for-fun lately (it’s kind of sad). I actually bought my own copy of Visual Studio .NET and hung the posters up on my bedroom wall. And as soon as the last one went up, I said to myself–no joke–in a breathy sigh, “wow [sigh,] this isn’t going to help me pick up chicks”.