Over the Border

“I don’t know, let me see what my schedule looks like.”

Okay, I have an enormous programming assignment due in 4 days that I havent started– for a class I’m almost failing. Um, what else? Oh, I have that 4000 word term-paper I knew about all semester, yep, still haven’t began (you know, I think it may count for 30% of my grade). What else? Oh, There’s that other project, in that other….

“Yeah, sure Nick. I’ll go to Canada.”

And that’s how it all started. lol

(to be continued…maybe)

* read the comment 😉

One thought on “Over the Border”

  1. Derick–hang in there! But come on… if you wanted to skip the term paper and computer assignment couldn’t you have picked a better place then Canada eh?

    Here are some jokes to get through your day. Note: My intention is not to offend Canadians; I’m just jealous…

    Canadian Jokes:
    What do you call a Canadian?
    -A disarmed American with health care…

    It was announced today that Canada is now prepared to help the United States in its war against terrorism. They have promised to commit 2 of their largest battleships, 6,000 armed troops, and 60 fighter jets. However, after the exchange rate, that comes down to a canoe, 2 Mounties, and a flying squirrel.

    The worst airline disaster in Canadian history happened this morning, when a single passenger plane crashed in a large graveyard.
    Rescue workers said that there were no survivors and have retrieved 200 bodies so far. That number is expected to increase as digging continues.

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