The Buzz

It’s decided. I think I’m going to make the leap and get a buzz cut. Having medium short hair has been such a nusiance. You fall into the vicious haircut cycle. See, a guy with medium-short fairly-thick hair like myself has hair that only looks good about one week after a haircut, and this lasts for about 2 days, 3 if your lucky. After your 2-3 days or so of bliss, your back to where you started, bad hair. You then have to wait an additional 2 weeks with crappy hair before you get another haircut, and start the process all over again– lest you get it too early and you really mess things up. Your hair won’t look good for 8 weeks then! This has been my miserable life for some time now. And, I’ve decided to vindicate myself from this quagmire, and defeat the enemy from the source; Take out the Hair! I’m gonna buzz it all off.