How Embarrassing

HOW embarrassing. Today, I dropped my keys down the tiny gap between the elevator door and the ground floor. There was at least 5 seconds of silence before my keys finally splashed onto the hard concrete.

Mr. Building Manager, a surprisingly pleasant and affable chap, said it’s quite a process getting my keys back. He needs to call the elevator people. The “Elevator People”?

Anyway, it’s 3pm right now. No word yet from the Elevator People. Still no keys.

Overall, it’s been kind of a Monday-like Wednesday.

7 thoughts on “How Embarrassing”

  1. Doh! That sucks!!

    But I’ve conjured up a funny image of your face as the keys dissapeared into the abyss. hehehe.

  2. lol.

    3:37 pm : Elevator People recover my keys. Derick is happy.

    You never truly realize and appreciate what you have, until it falls down the gap of an elevator door.

  3. Ah, Derick. Derick, Derick, Derick. Poor, sad Derick. Your lost keys are a tragedy. I say you get a flash light, a load of coat hangers and some chewing gum. Go fish buddy. Go fish.

  4. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to actually drop something into that space, or the gap between the open subway doors and the platform. Feel like a prat? I would 😉

    Did the elevator people actually say “You never truly realise…?” Seems rather fitting.

  5. lol, prat… yeah def did.

    no… that is a quote of my own. I didn’t actually get to “see” the Elevator People–building mgr was a mediator

  6. you never tell us, did the people under the stairs, I mean elevator, give you your keys back?

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