Mystery Smell

This enchanting scent has been following me all day. “Is it me?” I ask myself. Well there is no body else here, it must be me. Could it be my cologne? But you know, it doesn’t smell quite like my cologne, and I’ve been wearing the same cologne for a year now: Davidoff Cool Water–and it’s redolence is somewhat fading. But evenso, it can’t be my cologne; I distinctly remember forgeting to put it on this morning. I take in another loud full whiff of the air around me, smells absolutely divine. Why do I smell so great today? I assure you this is not pretension. Whenever I’m surprised at a smell I’m emitting it’s almost never something particularly agreeable; but today, quite the contrary.

Eventually as the day progresses I discover the source of this alluring scent. My underarms. It’s the new deodorant I purchased: Old Spice Fresh Gel.

It may just be deodorant, but it’s Heavenly.