A New Post

So. What’s new with me?

… what’s that?

You didn’t ask?

That’s okay, I’ll tell you anyway.

I just got a new job! Starting August 29th, I will be a programmer for a Travel Firm in Pawtucket. Alright alright, it’s a Travel Agency (it just doesn’t sound as cool).

August 29th is also my birthday–quite serendipitously. So, if you feel that ineffable urge to get me a gift or anything, please whatever you do, don’t fight that urge. Embrace it! Here’s my Amazon wish list. You know what, why don’t just go ahead and bookmark it! This is normally where I would insert an “I’m just kidding” as a way to mask the overt narcissism

But I’m not.

Happy Day 🙂

7 thoughts on “A New Post”

  1. Wow. And I thought I was a nerd. Books. Your wish list consits entirely of books, with the exception of the 4th season of Seinfeld. Which of course makes you more of a nerd. I won’t even dignify you by calling you a knob. Knob’s don’t read. That’s why they’re knob’s.

  2. P.P.S. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it Derick. You really are a Knob.

  3. Derick!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Am thrilled for you. And you are NOT a nerd for being a reader, contrary to Mardigan’s opinion! (Apologies for differing, Mardigan, just exercising my right to an opinion, as you did.)

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