ISBN-10 to ISBN-13 Converter Tool

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I work with a lot of textbook inventories at work, and we had a recent issue with the new ISBN13 standard. The internet had no really good tools out there so I created my own little one.

Unfortunately, it is only really useful for a very small group of people—but useful nonetheless. It is an ISBN10 to ISBN13 conversion tool. As you most likely don’t know, the standard for ISBN numbers have changed. They are no longer 10 digits, they are actually 13 digits (whoa!). Now, all the old ISBN10 numbers need to be retro-converted to ISBN13 numbers—which is a fairly simply process, but requires a little algorithm.So, reaching into the interminable wellspring of my largess, I created a free online tool that will do the conversion for people, for free. You may ask, “aren’t there already online tools that could do this?” To this, silly question, I reply, “Of course!” The Internet has made it such that every good idea you come up, someone else has already thought of it, implemented it, and Google has already allocated funds to buy it.

However, in this special case, I defer to the “mine is better” clause. Most of the tools I saw online can only do one number at a time; mine can do a whole slew of them!

Hopefully, “someone” will find this useful.

Here’s the Link! FREE BATCH ISBN-10 to ISBN-13 Online Converter Tool.