Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me

I just discovered that “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me”, the absolutly hilarious NPR news quiz-show, has all their past shows online for free download.

Here is the link:

Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me

(If you’ve never heard of it before, I recommend you check it out. It’s quite a riot.)

5 thoughts on “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me”

  1. Agreed, excellent show. But i don’t know if I can take it all the time. It’s a refreshing saturday afternoon treat. There is such a thing as to much chocolate. My little chocolate kiss. 😉

  2. On a totally unrelated topic: Why is it that you, Eric J, and especially Mills, never update your sites. It’s like pulling teeth to get a new post. Work God Damn it! Give me something to read while I should be working!!!!

  3. And here I was waiting for something interesting to pop up on mardigan.net. hehehe.

    I don’t update because… well… I suck.

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