Shakespeare Reader

I’d like to introduce my latest software creation: The Free Shakespeare Reader. What is it exactly? Does it read Shakespeare plays for you? No.

I suppose if you take the title literally, it’s a total misnomer. But, it’s too late to change it!

What my new application does, is it provides the user with all 38 of Shakespeare’s plays in a single application, with study aids like a play-notebook, word/paragraph counts, full-text searching, etc. All the plays are packaged into the application, so you don’t need an internet connection on your computer to access or search through any one of the plays. This is a handy and invaluable application for students and Shakespeare fans everywhere.

Best of all, it’s free. Just download it to any computer running Windows, execute the installer, and voila you have plasma cutter reviews, you’re done! (To uninstall, go to your control panel/add-or-remove programs, and select “shakespeareReaderInstaller”.)

For more info and some screen shots, visit this page. Hope you like it!

Download Link : Mirror 1 (ShakespeareReaderInstaller.msi)

Shakespeare Reader Screenshot

5 thoughts on “Shakespeare Reader”

  1. Yay! It’s here! For a split second I was sad that I’d never be able to try this out because of a lack of a PC. It only lasted a second though.

  2. Hi.

    Downloaded (potentially) great software, but new little netbook is having problems running it. (Samsung nc10, running xp)

    Left side of screen displays play titles, right side scenes etc., but middle screen (where text/dialogue ought to be) is blank. When I “select all,” it turns middle screen black and text appears white.

    What gives?


  3. Oh, I am so excited about this, and yet so sad because I have a Mac (and I don’t have Parallels to run Windows). Is there any way I can download this great application for my Mac?

    thank you!

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