Obama, History

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This doesn’t feel real. An African American president?

I’m at home, sick with a cold, alone in bed with my laptop, and the road outside my window is all quiet. There are no cars going by. There are no children outside running around cat-calling. The television is off. But I can feel my own pulse beating off of my pillow.

What was it like when Martin Luther King Jr was shot? Or, when JFK gave his speech; or when he was shot? Watching those moments of history in archive footage, I often wonder what it would be like living in one. I sometimes think the moment must have been loud, and rattled the globe like an earthquake. And I always wonder what I would have done, or felt, in those giant moments in history.

Well, I feel like I just witnessed one of those moments last night on television. I kept pausing my mind, looking at myself listening, trying to snap-shot the moment in my head; believing I was actually listening live to a sound byte that will be heard over and over again for generations to come.

What a day, the next morning. It’s all quiet.

2 thoughts on “Obama, History”

  1. I heard the name Obama first time I guess sometime during late 2006.

    As a new LPR in the States I was thrilled to have a first hand experience of the US Presidential Elections 2008.

    Well the moment, I heard the name Obama, the only point came to my mind, was no way, no how, no obama and my hopes were clingin on to some “messiah” who will come and take the US out of the Iraq ‘mistake’ and things will be sorted out.

    As the story unfolded, I heard this gentleman from Chicago speaking that made more sense than anybody else said, and on the GOP side it was really a chaos getting unfolded which started reaching climax with the introduction of Ms Palin into the national politics (by the way, I was already familiar with Gov Palin, not because of her outstanding achievements in Alaska but for her looks!!) as McCain’s VP selection. Furthermore the final nail into GOP’s presidential bid was nailed with Sen. McCain suspending his campaign during the ~700B Financial bailout (well, it has now snow balled into more than 1 Trillion in some aspects!).

    Finally even my adrinalin levels were skyrocketting by the time final presidential debates were being performed, and despite my strong conservative ideology, I really wanted Mr. Obama to lead the US into 2009, not because I have now changed my lanes, BUT due to the simple fact that its an irony that GOP didnt send anyone who was worthy enough to lead the United States of America from 2009 till 2012.

    Hmmmmm… I do hear something familiar which goes like …. “We the people…”.

    Gob Bless America!!

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