Je m’ennuie

I need a new hobby. I don’t think I’ve ever been so bored in my life.

In the last few months I’ve been trying to pinpoint the source sucking all my cheer. It’s not my job. I love my job (they pay me to say that). Class is okay; it keeps me somewhat busy and it’s nice to have around. And truly ‘class‘ is by far the best excuse to get out of anything. In fact when coupled with the right body-language, it’s almost effortless to use:

“What’s that? Elizabeth’s getting baptized next Friday? ow, um… ‘class’.” (feign regret)

“Stay late today? Sure! Oh wait, I can’t … ‘class’” (feign bad memory)

Potent little word—it’s like casting a spell.

Anyway, back to my topic, my nice, depressing topic.

I’ve tried exercise, particularly running. Which, I’ll have you know, I’m still doing. However, it’s now become something I do out of habit rather than something I actually want to do. Like today, it was unseasonably warm out, so when someone mentioned the weather, I involuntarily add, “this would be a great day to go jogging”.

I tried video games for a while, but that’s ultimately a lavish waste of time. Some role-playing games actually keep a running clock of your playing time. When I beat Paper Mario a few months ago, the game told me I’ve been playing for 40 hours. And I really have nothing to show for it—aside from some perfected finger movements. And when you beat a game, although you think you’ve accomplished something, you really haven’t—like it’s something you can brag to your friends about. But uh, yeah, no one cares.

Well, I’m going to keep thinking. I’ll come up with something. No need to plan the intervention just yet!