The Week in Review

This week I discovered the wonder that is: freeze-dried coffee; and it has completely changed my life.

What else. Oh, I’ve been meaning to read the The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe for a few weeks now. I finally have the book, but I keep telling myself that I don’t have the time.

What else, ah my tooth. This requires a little bit of a preface:

When I was a boy, I was in little league. One day a baseball smacked into my front-tooth, and it landed in my hand—the tooth that is. This was my second front-tooth, and I knew God wasn’t going to give me another. Nervously, my Dad drove me to the dentist and they called it an “emergency session” (I think the dentists were excited– they never get emergencies). Eventually they did a root canal on it (whatever that means).

Now, 9 years later, that front tooth has started to lose its color– let me not mince words here, it’s turning black. I got scared, and I was afraid my tooth might make me start looking like those bums outside my work that routinely ask me for change, or like some witch, or some Ferengi, or lil’Jon. I don’t want to be Lil’Jon. So this week, I’ve been getting my tooth bleached and insurance is calling this “cosmetic”? Cosmetic! Is preventive care from looking like Lil’Jon “cosmetic”?

Long story short, this is going to cost me a fortune. Don’t expect any great gifts from me this Christmas.