Lexica is Love

I was considering going into more detail about last weekend’s trip to Montreal–but, I’m lazy and I decided to totally kibosh the whole idea. “Kibosh,” now that’s a funny word. I remember the first time I heard it; it was on Seinfeld. I was like “Kibosh”, what the hell is “kibosh!”

Main Entry: ki’bosh
Pronunciation: ‘kI-“b’sh, kI-‘; ki-‘b’sh
Function: noun
Etymology: origin unknown
: something that serves as a check or stop

The way I am, if I hear a word I don’t know, I feel an almost obsessive need to look it up. If I don’t have a computer or dictionary handy, I use my cell phone and send a text message to (GOOGL) in the form define word-I-don’t-know, and Google will actually text you back with the definition, its quite cool.

Well anyway, the Boston Herald had an article today about 2004’s most looked up worlds. It’s interesting to note that ‘blog’, has now officially been added to Webster’s dictionary. Also, what I found particularly strange, is that among the 3 top searched words in the dictionary (100 times a second) of which ‘affect’ and ‘effect’ are 1 and 2, and understandably so (I always botch those up), the other word, most looked up, get this: love.

I am quite bemused by this–doesn’t everyone know what love is? Well, I guess just maybe I can understand the confusion. Love is always being redefined into things it certainly is not. Love is chocolate; love is blind; love is a many splendid thing, all you need is love (this is bad, now I’m singing). You get my drift. Well, that is some attempt at providing an explanation, albeit a pathetic one, what’s yours?