Arrogant Computer Guy

I’ll be the first to admit it, IT guys are arrogant. I can’t explain it; they just are. I think it may be the apocryphal notion that computer guys are smart, sometimes even dubbed as “geniuses”. Maybe this has got to our head? I’m lazy. I’m terrible at math. I sometimes spell ‘cake’ with a ‘k’, but I can probally fix your computer. Ergo…

I caught myself being that guy last night…

Sister: How do I do that thing again on the computer? You just did it so fast and left. I couldn�t follow.

me: man, you’re terrible with computers.

Mother: He never teaches me anything. Why can�t you teach me to use Excel?

me: Mom, you can�t ask a programmer to teach you to use computers. They’re too intimately involved with them. It�s like � hmm, how can I explain this without sounding arrogant. It�s like � Alright, suppose your lost in the city and you’re looking for a particular street, you’re not going to go ask the Mayor for directions are you?

Okay! bad example.

2 thoughts on “Arrogant Computer Guy”

  1. Yeah, in the past I definetly delt with the IT Terror, but that’s ok. The way I see it is its kinda like jockdom for the super geek.

  2. I am an IT Technician but unlike most other IT people I am not an IT smartie pants. I have however found other IT people to be very arrogant and some of them to be very difficult to work with. I worked in an IT department for a University and some of the IT staff there would not share any technical information with other IT departments or their workers. Some of them would roll their eyes and try to make the other IT people out to be stupid if they asked a question about their duties. I class this as rude and they have obviously not been brought up properly. I have looked at the psychology of this and have learnt that in alot of cases these ‘arrogant ones’ have been pushed by their parents too much (especially in regards to school work) and have been told they will never amount to anything. Their arrogant nature comes out as a defence mechinism if they do not know the answer to a question that they have been asked. Sometimes I hate this industry because of this.

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