Guest Speaker!

Next week, I’ll be putting a little wrench in the way we do things here at Ariyam.Com. I will be having a guest author all week– Chris Simpkins from, another great blog site. Chris is a well informed fellow pundit like myself :-), and a good friend. I’m certain you will enjoy his writings.

You can catch Me at I will be guest writing on his site and Chris will be writing here at Feel free to throw your comments and heckles at Chris (he can take it). And of course, check ME out at from October 25 through 29th. The format is still mostly up in the air at the moment but will probally go something like this.

1. We will pick a topic of differing opinion to write about each day.
2. I write about it on his blog, he writes on mine.
3. So simple, this third bullet is meaningless

So there you have it! Be sure to check us both out!