Covid-19 – Dose 2!

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I just got my second dose of Pfizer’s Covid shot today! I’m excited that I’m just 14 days away from hardcore immunity! I’m a little worried that the side effects, of which I’m anticipating, will knock me out for 24-48 hours. Everyone in my age-group seems to get them after the 2nd dose, due to youths’ more “robust immune response” (whatever that means). Right now, surprisingly I feel great! I had that shot at 10AM, and it’s now 2PM, and I feel nothing … not even arm soreness (which I had after my first dose).

Well, in my effort to do something to counteract the side effects I drank about 96 ounces of water since my shot. I’ve had to go to the bathroom, maybe 20 times now! Let’s see if the water and my vegan diet and general good fitness level will keep my afloat and on my A-game to keep up with my fierce little toddlers at home tonight.