Pistachio Binge

Alright, that was stupid. I just came back from a long day of work and class; it was 9pm; and there was no food in the house except for a plastic bucket-like thing filled with pistachios. I think it’s easy to see where this is going. Yeah, I just ate about 5 pounds of pistachios in one sitting. I tell ya, it’s breaking apart the shells that gets me. Since you have to work a little to get to that tasty center, it all seems like a healthy cycle of toil and reward, toil and reward.

Not helping; Ugh, I think I’m going to be sick. Cancel all my appointments!

(What do you mean I don’t have any?)

Ha ha.. i was just jokeing…. i actually did some work and here we are. The ultimate paper shredder reviews by portablecnerd are up! Check them out!

One thought on “Pistachio Binge”

  1. Hey… don’t feel bad, thank goodness it was just pistachio (less harmful, atleast it was not written POISON on the bucket or whatever container it was) not some high sugar, high calorie, high fat substance like cake or a pastry which can be consumed in just a matter of seconds and like the Satan may look and feel appealing to you regardless what its actually doing inside you!!

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