How to Cut a Mango

You may have thought I was talking metaphorically. However, I am not. Cutting a mango is a serious art, that involves some very deft skill. There are even mango martial art dojos out there that explore this ancient technique, in a mind-body spiritual context, and combine it together in self defense. It is of course, similar to Tai Chi, but the Chi’s been replaced by a mango. Don’t believe me? Look it up in Wikipedia for yourself (in a few weeks or so–assuming they don’t take it down). Anyway, I unlock some of this mystery below in a few easy steps:

With your favorite samurai sword or kitchen knife cut the Mango; but do not slice down the center; slice it slightly off.

If you did it correctly, it should look like this:

Cut again, the larger half, like so:

Trim away the the large seed portion

repeat in like fashion (clearly, I don’t know what’s going in this picture)

Voila! Final cutting board should look like this. Doesn’t it look delicious? Now, you might imagine that the seed slip is the least favorite piece, but you would be wrong! It is the most coveted (at least by Sri Lankans).

And usually, Dad runs off with it unabashedly, as you can see here.

3 thoughts on “How to Cut a Mango”

  1. Aww, that wee potbelly! I’d recognise it anywhere. I personally hate the seed and would give it to him willingly. The fibres always get stuck in my teeth.

  2. Hmmmm… Mangoes…

    Ideally I don’t prefer mango to be cut in the first place.

    Its as simple as that… Eat it naturally, save energy, brain matter n so on…. finally the peel is excellent source of fiber (atleast it tastes like that!!)

    Recall my childhood days, spent in a tiny town in the midst of The Thar, where fresh fruits and vegetables were luxory in 80s and 90s, hence having mangoes with freshly baked rotis with a pinch of “ghee” on it…. hmmmmmm the best dinner on the face of the earth!

    Dont believe it, try it yourself!!

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