Dim Google as Doctor

During this brief bout of “vacation” (still working) I’ve been reading this great book I happened to pick up called Typee by Herman Melville. To date, I have never read a book so well-written (albeit, the content is dry at times). And I know, I have this awful habit of setting superlatives after every book I read, and I’m sure it’s not really helping my street cred as a reviewer (when’s the last time classical literature and “street cred” were in the same sentence?)

Enough about books. Lately, I’ve been a dvd-watching fiend, all thanks to Netflix, which is like the best service ever! (urgh, another superlative.) And then, because I thought I was losing my hair (my sister says I’m not and that I’m full of it), and the thought of being [gulp] bald scared me to that Googling-self-diagnosing “bad-place”; I discovered on there that the only preventable cause of hair-loss (just in case my sister is full of it) is if its onset is stress-related.

So, I did the only rational thing. I went out and bought a bunch of video games. The rationale: if I can first-person-shooter myself into a dumber catatonic state after a rough day in the office, perhaps—perhaps—my neurons will be too comatose to notice when I’m stressed.

Google. Who needs doctors?

4 thoughts on “Dim Google as Doctor”

  1. Did you just declare a Doctor called Google? And I though I was a nerd.

    Speaking of FPS, I downloaded a disk of new maps for Halo 2. About 30 of them. I sense a night of quilting, sweet tosses and posthumous bashing in our future.

  2. While I was attempting to absorb the full spectrum of knowledge that is human anatomy, I raised my head to hear a familiar term. Mitochondria. Sound Familiar? It should, since we originated the rhyme to end all rhymes back in ninth grade science class. I was ushered back to a time before even I knew it would be paramount to my mental health to understand and adapt to the female menstrual cycle. How innocent we were, how simple our day to day life was? Attempting to scrounge up an extra nickel to get one more chocolate truffle at lunch or going to bob’s to get the latest paco jeans. Begging for rides to the mall and waiting for the lights to go out at the theater to make that move you had been planning all week long on Sally from algebra 1. I just thought I would sit back and take a minute to reflect on the past because, after all, the man who cannot laugh and learn from his past is the man who is still begging for change, but for a different reason.

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