Motel in Kissimmee Florida

My Uncle Tom is one of the few–if not the only–entrepreneur in our family. And, I guess it’s only fitting that this same uncle is not even “technically” related, but when it comes to Sri Lankans, it’s a blurred line that separates the friends from the family.

So, my Uncle Tom a year ago, packed his family (and his things) and headed over to Kissimmee Florida to run his own motel business, and from what I hear, it’s going well.

He came to visit the other weekend and asked me if I could give him a hand setting up a website for him to reel in more visitors. I was delighted.

--- Begin Shameless Plug ---

I’d like to introduce:

Of course the links on the left don’t quite work yet ( it’s me doing it remember).

So for your next trip to Disney world (which is like 15 minutes from there) stay at my Uncle’s Motel. It’s in Kissimmee Florida, and the prices are really good and he runs a very nice facility. Mention his website and get a little discount.