URI Parking or Lack thereof

So it was the first day back to classes at the auspicious URI, and like the good student that I usually am (for the first 2 weeks of school), I decided to leave home very early to give myself ample time to make it for my first class. After arriving at the campus about 40 minutes ahead of schedule I figured my early arrival was bound to at least give me some semi-decent parking– Wow… was I mistaken! It wasn’t that all the spots were filled or anything, it was rather the BRILLIANT police staff at URI decided to ‘rearrange’ the zoning of parking lots so that it could effectively make the least amount of sense and to provide the maximum level of chaos and confusion (and fatigue) to the commuter population. An intoxicated, blindfolded, Recess monkey could have done a better job deciding the parking lot zoning. But really, the incompetence of the URI parking staff isn’t what gets to me, in fact it’s almost expected. What gets to me is that ever since last year, when they decided to charge students for parking decals (100$ commuter, 175$ student), the parking situation has just gotten exponentially worse which fundamentally makes no mathematical sense whatsoever. This is such a crime. It’s like our miniature version of the big dig grrrrrrrrr

8 thoughts on “URI Parking or Lack thereof”

  1. It’s so bad that channel 12 news did a big story on it last night. They got rid of something like 1,000 spots. Fools!

  2. thanks mills, your probally the only reader that knows what a redirect is… matter fact your proablly my only reader. lol. I just finished hooking up ur link. Hey thanks for helping me out with this, i’m loving it–too bad i made fun of you all that time for yours… ahh well 😉

  3. Derick that’s absolutely fucking incredible! I love it, and in turn I feel a great deal of sympathy in your waning months at URI. Be patient buddy you’re almost out.

  4. Here’s a little optimism…
    Everything should be better in about 2wks when people stop bothering with school. Just remember the first and last days of classes are the most crowded.

  5. “An intoxicated, blindfolded, Recess monkey” Is this some sort of mean spirited joke towards PE Majors?!?!?!

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