Rants - User Comments

I asked some people to share with me their own cell phone frustrations with me; these are some of the responses I received. Reproduced, verbatim.

1. Splendid Isolation: Cell phones have allowed people to "virtually" remove themselves from social situations. It is generally acceptable for people to answer their phone or text message while out at dinner, in the car with other people, during meetings, at the mall, and even during conversations. There exists an instant gratification of being able to remove ones self from the reality of a given situation. Perhaps the best demonstration of the isolation this causes is to watch a group of teenage girls hanging out together. They may be physically in the same room but each of them is on the phone with different friends or boyfriends. Let's not forget the one friend that's not on her cell phone and listens to three different one-way conversations. She has become isolated as well.

2. The Grass is Greener Mentality: We've all known people who are never satisfied with what they are currently doing. No matter where they are, or who they are with, they are incessantly talking about doing something else that would be much more fun. Cell phones have enabled people to talk to or message other people when they're not having fun and you have to listen to it. Consider relaxing on a hot sunny day at the beach. In the background or sitting right next to you is someone who apparently doesn't want to be there and you have to listen to them yap about it. Even better, you might get to listen to them complain about being at the beach and making plans for later on.

3. Dating: You meet a beautiful girl and eventually gather the courage to ask her out. She agrees and you spend an inordinate amount of time getting ready to go out with her on a date. Somewhat nervous you pick her up and start a conversation. In the middle of the conversation she gets a phone call. You get to hear her side of whatever that may be. Yes and No answers to questions that undoubtedly are about you or how your date is going. Once you get to dinner there is a text message play by play between her and her friends about how it's going. Even if the date is going good you still have to sit there like an idiot while she "txts". If it's not going so well you uncomfortably eat your dinner. She sends the emergency flare text message and the phone rings. She forgot that she had to meet up with friends, her mother needs her for something, or whatever the lousy excuse is. Even if you start dating these days the cell phone is always there.


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