Q: How many people get into car accidents because of cell phones?
A: Around 2,600 people are killed in cell phone related accidents every year; roughly 330,000 people will be injured in a cell phone related car accident.

Q: Can someone determine my geographical location by my using a cell phone?
A: Yes

Q: Do cell phones cause brain cancer?
Unknown. There is no evidence at this point to confirm or deny that cell phone radiation can cause cancer.

Q: Is it okay to use a cell phone while pumping gas?
A: No, static electricity is a real threat and has been shown to ignite gasoline vapors.

Q: Can using a cell phone get me fired?
A: Sometimes, depending upon the type of work of course. You wouldn't want to use a cell phone if you're an ambulance driver, or a surgeon, etc. Use discretion.

Q: Do I really need to turn off my cell phone in a hospital or when taking off an landing in a plane?
A: No, not unless you care about the safety and well-being of yourself and others. Cell Phone usage can cause interference with certain types of machinery. This includes navigational and communication equipment typically on an airplane, as well as certain devices life support and other sensitive machinery found in hospitals.