Free Electronic Shakespeare Reader

The Free Electronic Shakespeare Reader is a downloadable piece of software that you can install on any Windows computer, and instantly have all of Shakespeare’s 38 plays at your fingertips. No internet connection required; read plays at your leisure on any computer. An excellent study resource for any English Literature student. Provides in-depth full-text searching to all of Shakespeare’s plays.

Download Version 1 Here!
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Special features include

1.       Word Count / Paragraph Count

2.       Full screen mode for easy reading

3.       Full play text searching

4.       Easy navigation

5.       Study Notebook – take notes on a play

6.       Printing

7.       Fast Loading




To install, simply double-click the ShakespeareInstaller.msi Installer file and follow the onscreen prompts.

Select the play from the left hand menu. Plays are organized by genre, and then alphabetically.

Once a play has been loaded, the right-hand side of the application will display a list of scenes that are associated with the particular play. Click on a scene to jump to that section of the play.



Full-Text Searching

The functions on the bottom of the screen correspond to the following features.
  Search the plays for specific keywords, phrases, or a specific quote:

Double click an entry to open it up in the main viewer.


The Notebook

 Jot down notes about a play

When you click this button a form opens up that enables you to keep a journal or notebook of a particular play. Click the Save button to save the text.


Full Screen Mode

 Clicking this will open up the play in full-screen, so you can get up close and personal with your favorite play!



Right click the text of the play to print!